Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boxed In

This post is dedicated to everyone who's feeling boxed in by life: the fed-up, the lonely, the huddled, the cold.

Boxed In (2)

The temperature is {minus} ten degrees right now. I get the idea of being huddled and cold.

I would like to go back to my "Voices" post today, in part because it was just so darn cheerful. ("Cheerful" in, like, the total buzz kill sense.) Those voices  are still buzzing about in my head: I wake up and there they are: negative thoughts. I'm not doing a very good job as a mom; my older kids are growing lukewarm in their faith; my husband needs attention but I'm just so TIRED; thisweatherSUCKSwhenwillitbespringagain?

Can you relate? Or am I alone in my thoughts?

'Cause "you're alone in your thoughts" is one of the loudest voices.

Still we push on and pursue cheerful thoughts! We focus on all that is good and life-giving; we serve one another with love in His name; and we eat chocolate because...

We eat chocolate because.

Does there need to be another reason?

Happy {almost} Valentine's Day! How I love this holiday...it's filled with red and love and treats and love. It's what we need to not be cold.


  1. Yep! You're not alone! Prayers!

  2. Definitely not along...and I agree about that strongest voice.

  3. Good grief! I meant 'alone'...the word my hands typed implies an entirely different meaning!

  4. I think my comment just got eaten...


    Want to come up for a Valentine's party?

    Some advice....if I were there by you, I'd ((((hug)))) you big and remind you to stay close to the Sacraments. That always helps, if not now, later then.

  5. Betsy M8:29 AM

    Thanks for this post Margaret - you are such a sweetheart. Here's to chocolate and warmer days ahead.

  6. Yes! YES! YES!!! I totally needed to read this this morning {and grab a pack of M&Ms} : )

  7. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Yes and yes and yes and yes. This is the hardest winter I've ever had (also my first with four children at home). Thankfully, we've been relatively healthy, but in some ways I think that has made it harder. In addition to chocolate (and the Sacraments, as suggested above), I say MUSIC. It does so much for everyone's moods. A current favorite from Bonnie over at A Knotted Life:


    My kids aren't old enough to catch a few of the references but yours might be, so preview first, but I love it and it reminds me that my suffering is not much compared to what it could be (and there's so much to offer it up for)! Prayers to you!

  8. Anonymous9:02 AM

    p.s. We also watch this at like 5:30 every evening and I make the kids dance along to get everyone in a somewhat good mood before dad walks in the door... just the title is a bit of a problem:


  9. I think it has been a long, hard winter for many of us! Just think about how much we will appreciate spring when it finally arrives! We are going to have a glorious Easter, in more ways than one, I think!

    I get those negative thoughts too. I try to remember that the negative stuff is the work of the devil, trying to bring me down; trying to take me away from the light and into the dark recesses. Sometimes the only way to beat it is to spend some time in an Adoration Chapel.

  10. We are out of chocolate, but I reminded the hubs that Droolin' Moose has Cherry Bombs and Chocolate Wallops. All will be good, spring will come, things will slow down.

  11. Totally with you on this! Just wrote a post myself about surviving February. If we can make it through this month, the rest is cake...speaking of cake, maybe I'll go find myself some :)

  12. Chocolate is my go to .every.single.day. and coffee. I think it is tough for everyone. Not sure if I would be happy in California with the droughts...poor farmers! I do think your baby boy is the cutest baby on this planet. How can you be sad when you got all that baby love??!!

  13. Those voices are in my head too. Trying to combat them in a new country isn't helping much. At least they speak English!

  14. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Your so not alone! This winter has gone on forever!! Add a touch of Catholic guilt to the cold, the clear to the bone chilling cold and even Mary Poppins upbeat personality would be taking a beating.

  15. Reading and agreeing with all of these comments :)

  16. definitely not alone! Life has a way of sending us curve balls....those curve balls are always a good reminder to slow down :)

  17. Oh my gosh, he's Anthony with blonde hair!!! Love You!
    Mere xxxooo

  18. Totally not alone - it's like you read my mind. Doubling up on the prayers to St. Michael for help with those thoughts!
    Love the picture!


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