Friday, July 3, 2015

What it Means to be Free

My June in Review Netflix #StreamTeam Post

(The Much-Abbreviated, For Cryin' Out Loud It's a Holiday Weekend! Version)

This movie.

Watched sometime over the 4th of July weekend, but with your family, definitely WITH your family...

And you will see, at least I hope you see...

What it means to be truly free.

Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Apple a Day {Eaten Mindfully}

Or: On Taking the KonMari Approach to my 2nd Whole30

The Why's, the How's, the Care to Join me?

First, I've already explained the Whole30 program here: My First Whole30. Start with that post and then come back to this one.

I'll wait...

Hi again! So if you read (or re-read) my last post, (not to be presumptuous, of course), you know why I think a Whole30's beneficial. What you don't know is what I hope to accomplish this time, along with one teeny-tiny dairy detail:

I won't be cheating with cream in my coffee this time.

{fingers crossed}


And yet...

Here's a great big preemptive AND YET...

My attitude about my appearance has changed since last summer. It is no longer just about "looking good" or "losing weight"; rather, I'm looking to reboot my life.

To that end, I've purchased the book that is taking the home organization websites by storm: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I am reading it cover-to-cover before I begin, (the decluttering, that is--I start my Whole30 today),  which is extremely difficult for a dip-in-and-go self-help reader like myself. I'm taking the time to read, think and envision, and I'm chomping at the bit to tidy up my life.  

Seriously, friends, this method does indeed seem life-transforming. I am so...well...INSPIRED by the thought that even I could change! Me, a notorious leave-things-out-until-I-can-put-them-away-perfectly type, the perennial dreamer and distracted mom known (affectionately) by her husband as "Maggie of the Many Piles." 

I want to get to the very heart of it all--the "why" I want to clean up my eating, (Um, because I'm twenty pounds overweight?), the "how" I could possibly keep my kitchen (and home) clean, the "What's the point of it all?" and "It's so much more than just vanity." 

I want to eat to live and not live to clean. 

I want an apple a day (or a peach) (or a kiwi), giving thanks to Him from all goodness flows.

So we'll see and I hope to keep you posted. Meanwhile, do you want to join me in any or all of these adventures? Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, and let's make today the first day of forever.

I love you! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

From Depression to Hope: the Rainbow Connection

Where to even begin?

How about with the Pixar movie Inside Out? The girls and I went to see it last night and it. Is. FABULOUS.

Life-changing, really, in terms of what I hope to accomplish with my life.

Have you seen it? Without wanting to give away too much, I'll say simply that the idea of "making memories" really affected me. I wept and my kids were like, "Why are you crying?"

(For any long-time readers of this blog, you're well aware that I cry a lot.) 

(My little blue happy pill helps find my joy.) 

Think about it, though. You have the power, basically, to invent the life you want to have.You can shift your perspective and adjust the viewfinder. You can refine your focus so that you see...

...God is good.

 God is always, always good.

Which brings me to the recent Supreme Court decision and the fears that I felt when I first heard it. Yes, I cried, initially. I worry about my rights as a Christian. And how will this ruling impact the Catholic Church? 

(Note: There are a handful of Catholics that are pro-Gay Marriage but they are the exception to the rule.  They are not being faithful to the Magisterium. They are forging a path that will not take them to Rome.)

(Additional note to my pro-Gay Marriage family members: I love you! This is not about fighting or choosing sides. It's about seeking the Truth—God's Truth—in love. We can agree to disagree. Let's just not hate each in the process.)  

So where does that leave me? With my hope and trust firmly entrenched in the Lord! I know that discouragement is not from God—this was the subject of our pastor's homily yesterday, and I know from experience that Father Johnson is right. Discouragement (and depression) are never NEVER from God. We must be a people of faith and hope. We must grasp at the hem of Jesus' robe even as we feel the crowds pressing in upon us.

I can't get mad or upset when I see all those rainbows.

God made the rainbow.

His love will win.


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