Thursday, December 18, 2014

Netflix Giveth

A December Give-Away (with a bonus coping mechanism thrown in at the end)

Every now and then, my freelance work with Netflix means that a little treat shows up on my doorstep. I love that! This month, they sent me a goodie box for New Year's Eve (more on that in a week or so), and two complimentary gift cards for a year's subscription to their service. I'm going to give one to a family member, but the other one is just for you!

(That's 365 day's worth of streaming, by the way. A  $100.00 value! A very good deal!)

SO. What I'm asking you to do is this: Leave a comment on this post, telling me how you're coping these days, and I'll announce the winner of the gift card on Monday morning.

I'll tell you how I'm coping. I'm not,  but I pretend.

Also? I mentioned, oh, about three weeks ago, that I was deleting the Netflix app from my phone. That lasted exactly one week 'til I cracked because you know what? I'm a stressed-out mom with too much to do before Christmas. Yes, the spiritual books DO help. They help TREMENDOUSLY when I have a mind. But when I've spend the past fifteen hours dealing with...stuff, when I've cooked & cleaned & chauffeured the masses; when I've sorted & washed & folded & refolded...

...because I really despise putting folded clothes away...

When I've gone hours and hours without a single uninterrupted thought...

And oh! How about breaking up fights all the time? That one really ranks high on my just-kill-me-now-it-would-be-more-pleasant list.

Anyway. ALL THAT TO SAY THAT I NEED MY MOVIES. Just one or two a month week hour, s'il vous plaȋt, and like that I remain in control of my sanity. (Right now I'm watching Breaking Bad--again--because those addictions are worse than my addictions, plus it's some of the best directing I've ever seen.)

I watch after the kids are in bed.

I watch with (sh!) my glass of wine.

So leave a comment, please! Fingers crossed that you win.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Desperately Seeking...

It's almost Christmas, (as you probably know), and once again I am learning the difference between what brings me peace and what does not.

Baking with my 2-year-old does not bring peace.

I do it for Advent penance.

Donating 25 bags' worth of household goods & clothing definitely brought me peace.

PLEASE don't tell the fire marshal that all this stuff was in our basement.

* * *

How about eating clean and exercising daily?

You tell me. I wouldn't know.

* * *

And then there are all those “coping” mechanisms—our habits, you know? For good or for worse. The other night I was completely spent, so I poured myself a glass of Merlot and sat down to a Lewis & Clark documentary on Netflix. My five-year-old promptly crawled into my lap and I thought, “How sweet! This is really cozy.” I may have even been guilty of intellectual pride that my kindergartener was watching “smart” TV with me, but then...

My son, never known for his tact or diplomacy, demanded, “Why are you so desperate for wine all the time?” Wow, really? What five-year-old talks like that? It doesn't matter. His words were like a peace-destroying bomb. The wine lost its flavor; the cozy moment, gone.

* * *

Okay, so, I'm not trying to get all heavy here. Kids do talk—they talk non-stop—and we can't get all sensitive when their words sting. I did wonder if God was sending a subtle message about how my Advent has been progressing. Out of the mouths of babes, you know? I don't know, but I'm trying harder to prepare my heart for Our Savior's birth.

I'm trying to seek Him more than Santa, i.e. food & drink & all that transitory peace.

I'm sneaking fewer Christmas cookies before it's time.

* * *

To that end and despite being incredibly busy, I'm committed to reading this month's Well Read Mom selection. Yes, Virginia, this book brings me peace! I've even gone all OCD and planned out the reading in do-able chunks. “Let's see, there are 290 pages...and our meeting's in just three short reading 16 pages per day will get 'er done!”

(Anal much? Why yes I am.) 

And plus it's just a wonderful book, even better than that glass of wine.

I'm just sayin'.

You know me.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Lament, a Recipe, yet another Poem

So the thing about inadvertently dying one's hair black is...

When your gray roots grow in, you have a skunk stripe. 

It's the Pepé le Pew look! 

(Goes with my French temperament.)

* * *

These cookies.

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Trust me.

You want to bake them.

* * *

Yes, I know, another poem.  Indulge me, please; it's a good one. 

I know nothing
except what everybody knows--
if there when Grace dances,
I should dance.

W.H. Auden

Blessed Friday, everyone! Blessed almost 3rd Week of Advent.


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