Friday, April 17, 2015

1000 Words

I blinked and this week ran away from me. Sometimes the calendar is so full-to-bursting--with track meets, lacrosse games, speech therapy, piano--that it's all I can do to STOP.

Full stop.

Breathe in...breathe out...signs of spring...gratitude.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Wings to Fly: Thoughts about Honesty, Temperance and my Son becoming an Eagle Scout

Let's start with the fun, exciting news:

JM Eagle Scout (Intrepid)

My son's Eagle Scout court of honor was yesterday!

I have some nice photos from the day but won't be sharing them until tomorrow because our computer, annoyingly, keeps crashing when I try to access the files. This made assembling the Court of Honor slideshow quite stressful, but the coffee and Redd's hard cider saw me through.

(It was a long weekend. We survived.)

I'll try to share the slide show too 'cause it's a nice retrospective of Joe's career in Scouts. I'm proud of him, my oldest son!

Here we are doing a last-minute trip to pick up food for the reception. I love that he wanted to bring his little brother and that Prince William was humble enough to check our groceries.

* * *

Speaking of humility...

Can I ask, how honest do you think you are? Bear with this jarring transition as I move from the honor of a Boy Scout to the theme of lying, but it has to do with my pastor's homily on Divine Mercy Sunday and the April theme from the Netflix folks, both of which have to do with lying.

Coincidence? Rarely!

So look for that post on lying, too, because I've been thinking a lot about being honest with people, and how hard it can be to accept the truth.

* * *

Finally, temperance.

Wasn't there an actress named Temperance Bledsoe? Yes! She was one of the sisters on the Cosby Show, right? (I'm refusing to do a Google search, trusting instead my knowledge of pop culture.

(I'm quite good, you see, at all things 80's.)

So anyway, yes, that elusive virtue called Temperance. I'm hoping to resurrect my Weigh-In Wednesday series because I need--how I need--accountability.  Since I can't afford a Fitbit, I'll use this blog! Bear with me, please, as I struggle toward better health and fitness.

Even better, inspire me. ; )

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Life Well-Lived

You might think, by that title, that I'm talking about my 90-year-old parents, and you would be right.

But only in part. 

It's true that my parents have lived their lives--their very long and rewarding lives. The years were full up and now they're thankful...but tired.  

Were you to ask them about death, they'd reply: "We're ready." 

And this makes sad, but I understand.

It is especially hard on my beloved papa, whose mind is just as keen as always but whose body (in his words) is giving out. 

Think about it. Wouldn't it be hard to not feel trapped? This is why praying for the elderly's so important, that they not give in to feelings of despair. 

All that said..

We had a hootenanny of a time at my dad's 90th birthday party. We met in the vestibule of my hometown church, where the parishioners had gathered for the Palm Sunday procession.

 We sang Happy Birthday to my father--a.k.a. Deacon George--and he was so very sweet and pleased to hear it. 

After Mass and a reception at Pizza Ranch, we went back to my mom and dad's. We laughed and drank wine--lots and lots of wine--and we shared a ton of stories old and new. Angela couldn't get enough of the stories, especially the ones involving my sister Renee. "It's true!" I told Angela, recounting one of our most-told tales. "She called all of the neighbor kids into the house to play, then poofed our faces with flour and stuck hot sauce on our tongues. 

"We loved it. We held our burning tongues and said 'Thith ith so great!' " 

"Is Auntie Nae the one that you say I'm like?" Angela asked, her blue eyes shining with excitement and joy.

"Yes," I told her. "You both are stinkers."

* * *

My daughter sister Renee...they honor my parents with their lives because they're like my parents; they live life to the full. Back in the day, my parents went and went. They never stopped going and giving and living, and I see this quality in my daughter and my sister. 

I love this quality in my daughter and my sister. 

* * *

Now listen. I don't want to get all deep on you here, but too bad.

I'm going to do it. 

I can't not do it.

My takeaway thought from this latest trip home is simple: Live, Love, Laugh, Forgive.  It's perhaps a simple thought, but it's not always easy in the execution, especially that "forgiving" bit. I've seen families torn apart by unforgiveness! 

I look at my parents and see the life I want to live. I want to go and go and live and forgive. I want to carry the torch that they ignited, and when I'm 90 (or 80, or 50), I want to be surrounded by the people I love. 

Photo Credit: My Niece Aimee

The hot sauce is optional.

The love and laughter are not.


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